September 18, 2023


What’s going on here?

Digital Fitness Daily is an aggregation site for fitness news and information that I find interesting or useful. It’s my hope that you will, too.

It’s been my practice for a while now to bookmark or save links to articles that I might want to revisit in the future, particularly those with interesting workouts, good fitness information, and so on. Usually I copy/paste the links in an email to myself — that way they’re always sitting in front of me when I check my mail. But lately my mailbox has started to fill up with these “notes to self” and I decided to put them all in one place, and maybe others would find them useful, too.

The articles posted here are links to the original article. Source and author are fully credited. If you are the author/owner of any of the articles presented here and wish for me to remove your work, please contact me and I’ll be happy to comply.

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Who are you, anyway?

I’m just a guy who started his “fitness journey” (gads, I hate that phrase) late in life. I started taking CrossFit classes over 10 years ago, when I was 45 years old. Before that, I was a walking time bomb. I currently work out in my garage gym that I built up during the COVID lockdown. Also during that time I got my personal trainer certification and use it to coach a couple of friends of mine online.

Oh, and my name is Bob. Pleased ta meetcha.

Weights on a barbell

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